Thursday, March 7, 2019

No Hike

No (tuition) hiking
University of California undergrads won’t face a tuition hike in the fall, UC announces

Undergraduate tuition for California residents attending University of California this fall will not increase, officials announced.It will be the seventh time in the last 8 years that UC officials have kept tuition the flat for California residents amid rising costs and enrollment numbers across the UC system, university officials said Wednesday.

“Accessibility and affordability represent UC’s core values as a public institution, and we need to provide this generation of students with the quality of education they deserve,” said George Kieffer, the chair of the UC Board of Regents. “So this year, rather than raise tuition, we will once again join our students in advocating for additional resources from the state.”

California residents will continue paying $12,570 in systemwide tuition and fees, as they pay for the current academic year.

Tuition hikes in recent years have garnered opposition from students and California officials alike, including former Gov. Jerry Brown...

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Note: Yours truly has a memory of a history of frozen tuition in Good Times under recent governors followed by budget cuts and big tuition increases when Bad Times came just when folks could least afford them. Wasn't there a saying about learning from history that we don't learn from history? Gov. Newsom, when he was lieutenant governor sat on the Regents for 8 years as an ex officio member, so he knows the history. (And he remains an ex officio Regent as governor.) Enough said.

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