Monday, March 18, 2019

Buried Lede

"Block said he supports switching from the quarter system to a semester system to reduce stress on students."

So we'll just redesign every course offered and every degree program offered, all at the same time. Sounds very stressful.

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Kevin said...

Didn't all the UCs have to switch from semester to quarter under UCB's lead, and then UCB switched back? (This was before my time, so I may be repeating a folk myth here.)

Switching the design of courses every 20 years is probably a good thing, as there is a tendency for the courses to drift (generally in the direction of getting less content) over time. Having to do major redesign can act as a reset.

Luckily for me, nothing is going to happen along these lines in the two years before I retire—I can keep redesigning my courses without having to adjust them to a different calendar and try to squeeze or stretch my 2-quarter course into one or two semesters.