Thursday, May 10, 2018

We'll see about Friday

The governor's May Revise 2018-19 budget proposal is supposed to be released tomorrow, Friday. The regents withdrew their tuition-raising proposal on the grounds that maybe the budget would add some money for UC. Friday's child is supposed to be loving and giving. But whether that will apply to Jerry Brown remains to be seen. There remains the dispute from this year's budget over $50 million which depended on doing what the state auditor wanted. UC says it did; the auditor says it didn't. Brown could point to that dispute if he wants to be stingy. Of course, the legislature could add money to whatever Brown proposes. And Brown could line-item veto the extra allocation (although he has been averse to much line-item vetoing).

It may be that we can't put too much faith into the poem about children of the week. Tuesday's child is supposed to be full of grace. If you listened to Tuesday's gubernatorial debate, it would be hard to find a lot of grace among the candidates, some more than others. There was not much about UC. One of the Republicans brought up the state budget and the supposed "slush fund." The format of the debate gave the candidates 30-60 seconds per question and they generally stayed with the limits. So perhaps detail was not to be expected. You can hear the debate at:

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