Tuesday, May 1, 2018

The more things change...

Back in 1994, the University Committee on Faculty Welfare experimented with having teleconference meetings. That was long before the various internet services were available that make such meetings relatively easy to convene.

The 1994 version involved having people come to various locations on the various campuses that had TV studio-type facilities. The cameras didn't always focus on the speakers.

In any case, here (below) is a meeting from December 7, 1994. At the time, the state was in the midst of a budget crisis that began around 1990 and was an ongoing feature of the Pete Wilson gubernatorial administration. Below is a link to a recording - originally on a VHS tape - that is a 2-hour excerpt of the longer meeting. In the background and mentioned in the excerpt: Proposition 187 of 1994 (anti-illegal immigration), effect of 3-strikes on California state budget, possible budget-related enrollment cuts at UC (and whether such cuts would save money), term limits and the effect on UC relations with the state legislature, the comparison-8 formula for evaluation of faculty pay, a proposed schedule to catch up with comparison-8, and state budget problems and UC.

Note: "Larry" = Larry Hershman, "Dan" = Dan Simmons or Dan Mitchell, Ellen = Ellen Switkes

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