Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Regents Agenda

The Regents are meeting next week and with tuition increases off the table, it looks as though it will be a fairly routine affair. Some highlights:

Energy Secretary Rick Perry toured the three DOE labs, including Los Alamos which is up for bid. No mention is made of the details of the UC bid nor is there any indication of the outcome, although in previous Regents meetings it was said that the outcome would be known this month. See:

Some changes are being made in conferrral of emeriti status to senior managers, generally making the eligibility rules easier to fulfill. See:

Elaborate discussion and presentation of UCOP reserves are now included, presumably in response to the earlier state audit. It appears also that more money is going into the free speech center this coming fiscal/academic year and less is going to other presidential initiatives, as the chart above indicates. See:

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