Tuesday, May 8, 2018

News of UC/UCLA Strike This Week - Part 3

Driver Rams UCLA Picketers As Thousands Of UC Workers Strike [excerpt]

...The strike got off to a rocky start at UCLA (on Monday), where a motorist apparently got impatient around 9:45 a.m., and tried to drive through the picketers crossing a street. Police and witnesses said a man in an SUV became irritated when union members were marching through the intersection of Westwood Plaza and Le Conte Avenue. Witnesses said the man initially got out of his SUV with some type of stick and threatened the picketers.

"He jumped back into his car, he gasses it," one union member told KNX Newsradio. "I'm holding on to his hood. He brakes, I thought he was going to stop, and as soon as I'm trying to move he gasses it again and I just grabbed on again and as he's driving I'm telling him to slow down."

UCLA Police said three picketers were treated for minor injuries at the scene. The driver was taken into custody, although he appeared to have some difficulty breathing while being arrested and was taken to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center to be checked out, police said.

There were no other reports of any other clashes involving union protesters...

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