Thursday, May 24, 2018

Listen to the Regents: Morning of May 23, 2018

We continue are longstanding practice of archiving the audio of the Regents meetings since the Regents preserve their recordings only one year. Why they have a one-year rule remains both a mystery and a disservice.

The morning meeting began with the full board. Much of the time was devoted to public comments. Subjects by speakers included union issues including the recent strike, disabilities, antiSemitism and BDS, and Title 9 concerns. At one point, a demonstration led to the room being cleared. Subsequently, it was said that the university expects to receive the $50 million held up for compliance with the state audit (although - see below - the state auditor seems to think that UCOP has not fully complied).

At Public Engagement and Development, much hope was expressed that the legislature would come up with more money than the governor recommended in his May Revise budget proposal. The legislature still wants to maintain a separate allocation for the UCOP budget as a result of the state audit. There was also discussion of housing and other issues related to the impact of UC-Santa Cruz on the local committee.

At Compliance and Audit, it was noted that the state auditor thinks UCOP has not fully complied with the audit recommendations.



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