Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Listen to the Regents Investments Subcommittee: 5-22-2018

As a prior post noted, the Regents Investments Subcommittee yesterday had an agenda item focused on student demands for divestment from fossil fuels and Turkey.

At the meeting, after the student presentations, the Regents discussed the issue. One Regent raised concerns about making political decisions rather than focusing on returns to the portfolio. Another said the judgments were value-based (meaning moral value) rather than political. Chief Investment Officer Bachher made ambiguous remarks but which can be read as suggesting that there was likely to be divestment.

You can hear the audio of the entire meeting at the link below:

or directly to

The discussion after the student presentations is at the link below:

It might be noted that the response of Bachher to divestment issues is different from that of his predecessor:

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