Saturday, February 24, 2018

Listen to the Regents Working Group on Executive Pay, 2-23-2018

The Regents Working Group on Executive Compensation met yesterday in advance of the March Regents meeting at which the group's report is due. Unfortunately, the official recording (which the Regents preserve for only one year) cuts off before the meeting ended. You can hear the audio at the link below (which, of course, also cuts off).

The main controversial element is that the consultant hired to make pay comparisons was instructed - to comply with the demands of the state auditor - to include CSU and state government positions. At the end of the recording, UC president Napolitano expresses concerns about a "slippery slope" in making such comparisons on the grounds that UC looks for a different pool of talent than CSU. It might be emphasized that the positions involved are executives, not ordinary faculty. However, they cover academic executives, e.g., chancellors, who normally start their careers in faculty positions. According to the report, if the CSU and state positions were removed, the medians in the applicable compensation ranges would rise on the order of ten percent.

The audio link is below:


The consultant's report is at:

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