Sunday, September 17, 2017

Listen to the Regents Meeting of Sept. 14, 2017

Yes, we have a gap in our coverage so far of the recent Regents meeting, namely the afternoon of Sept. 13th. We will fill that gap in a later posting. But, in the meantime, below is a link to the audio of the full board meeting of Sept. 14th, which in part summarizes what came out of the various committees that met the day before, both morning (which we have covered) and afternoon.

Some of the topics on the 14th: DACA (in the public comments), controversy - with some negative votes - on a pay increase for chancellors, discussion of the state auditor's report on contracting out procedures, the rebidding of the management contract for the Los Alamos lab, pension funding and the gap between the assumed earnings rate of 7.25% and the actual long-term earnings rate in the past of 6.7%, and the cost of carbon neutrality in construction standards for UC.

You can hear the discussion at:

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