Saturday, September 16, 2017

Listen to the Regents Meeting: Morning of Sept. 13, 2017

We are gradually catching up with archiving the recent Regents meetings.

Just a technical note and rant: The Regents currently put their recording on YouTube for one year. There are various web-based programs by which yours truly extracts the audio from these temporary YouTubes and then archives them. Given the revised format of Regents meetings, there is substantially more to record at the meetings than their used to be, due to the various sessions that go on at the same time.

In one case for the morning meetings, the recording was posted in such a way as to make it impossible to use the online programs to preserve the audio directly. In that case, the audio had to be played into an audio recorder in real time.

All of this hassle could have been avoided if the Regents simply kept their recordings on YouTube indefinitely. We ask for the umpteenth time: Why isn't this being done, especially since the Regents are already posting to YouTube? What is the point of removing the recordings after one year.

Below are links to the audio of the meetings. One highlight from the public comment session of Sept. 13 was the many speakers protesting potential cuts in retiree health care. A cut was proposed and then withdrawn after protest from the agenda of the July meetings due to lack of Senate consultation.

Full Board:

Other links to the morning meeting:

Governance and Compensation:

Public Engagement & Development:  Note: After the meeting ended, the mike remained on briefly and a regent can be heard complaining about state audits and opining that "Sacramento" wants to control the university.

Compliance and Audit:

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