Wednesday, August 10, 2016

What's the lesson for other UC chancellors?

Don't make these
Now that former Davis Chancellor Katehi has resigned, what is the lesson to be drawn from her case? And what are we to make of the conflicting interpretations of the investigative report commissioned by UCOP and the UC prez concerning the allegations against Katehi. The report (redacted) can be found at And its conclusions section seems to be summarized by the hold joke that when you're up to your chin in a sea of shit (or in this case, the aftermath of the pepper spray incident), don't make waves.* Katehi kept doing things that showed bad judgment or which kept her name in the headlines in a negative way. None of these things, if taken alone, would have gotten her fired (asked to resign). But like waves, they kept coming.

That seems to be the theme:


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