Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Listen to the Regents Health Committee Meeting of August 11, 2016

As we always do - although sometimes with a lag - we have archived the audio of the Regents health committee. The Regents "archive" their meetings for only one year for reasons unknown. We archive them indefinitely.

At this meeting, the highlight was discussion of whether the various UC medical centers should be operated independently or as a "system." Exactly, what operating as a system was not clear, but it seems to involve having particular centers specialize in particular procedures. It was not clear what such a system would mean in practice: Would patients be shipped from one center to another? Is that practical? Even the distance between say, UCLA and Irvine, is not negligible. There was also concern that faculty in the centers were not being consulted. Before this idea goes further, the Academic Senates at the various campuses involved may want to inject themselves into the discussion - invited or not.

You can hear the audio at the link below:

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