Friday, August 5, 2016

If at first you don't succeed...

Former Berkeley Law dean Sujit Choudhry filed a new grievance with a campus faculty committee after it determined — in an initial examination — that he failed to show that launching a second investigation of his behavior is unjust.
In a letter that Choudhry filed Monday, he requested that the disciplinary committee of UC Berkeley’s Academic Senate reconsider his initial grievance, which in April alleged that administrators violated campus policies by launching a second disciplinary process against him.
“I am aggrieved,” Choudhry wrote in the new grievance letter. “Each day that (the investigation) continues harms me … it separates me from the University of California, the Berkeley campus, and my professional pursuits.”
Last year, after Choudhry was found to have violated UC sexual misconduct rules, then-executive vice chancellor and provost Claude Steele, with approval from Chancellor Nicholas Dirks, disciplined Choudhry with a 10 percent reduction of his dean salary for one year, counseling and a written apology to his executive assistant Tyann Sorrell, who brought a sexual harassment lawsuit against him in March.
In light of news of Sorrell’s lawsuit, UC President Janet Napolitano launched a new investigation of Choudhry’s actions that could strip him of his status as a tenured professor, which he has retained even after he stepped down from his position as dean...

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