Saturday, May 7, 2016

Will UC campuses follow Harvard?

Will there be a following?
Harvard University moved decisively Friday to turn up the pressure on exclusive, all-male social clubs, barring members from leading campus organizations and sports teams.

The new policy, which will take effect for the freshman class in 2017, will also prohibit members of the 14 so-called final clubs, as well as nine fraternities and sororities, from receiving recommendations for prestigious scholarships from undergraduate dean Rakesh Khurana.

The restrictions were announced amid a mounting standoff between the elite clubs and college administrators, who say the organizations foster a culture that leads to sexual assault. The administrators say the clubs are antithetical to Harvard’s commitment to promoting inclusion and diversity... The policy is a culmination of a push over the past year by Khurana and other 
administrators to persuade the male clubs to accept women. So far, two have...

The policy will apply not only to the university’s eight all-male final clubs, but also its six all-female final clubs, five fraternities, and four sororities..

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