Friday, May 6, 2016

Things to Come

At the upcoming Regents meetings next week, there will be discussion of a set of recommended policies regarding student athletes. These recommendations come on the heels of various reports of academic failures of athletes.

The recommendations include:

-Judging coaches and athletic directors in significant part on academic success

-Orientations for student-athletes regarding "behavioral" expectations. (Good conduct, essentially.)

-Continuation of scholarships in the event that injury precludes further athletic participation.

You can read the full set of recommendations at: 

Note that the controversial issue of pay and possible unionization of student-athletes is not dealt with in the recommendations.

Also at the meetings there will be a proposed restructuring of Regental committees, reducing the total from ten to six. However, one of the six is new (and has the earmarks of an initiative by the UC prez because of its political/external aspects). The new committee is called "Public Engagement and Development" and will have the following jurisdiction:

o Legislative priorities

o University ballot or public policy position endorsements

o Public awareness priorities

o Campus fundraising campaigns and giving programs

o Alumni relations

Details at:

Anyway, we're sure great progress will be made on all fronts:

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