Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Davis Berry

Here. Have one.

It seems conflicts at Davis have become a permanent part of the news:

UC Davis’ multimillion-dollar strawberry-breeding program is under legal attack again, this time from a pair of former UCD scientists who have gone into competition against the university.

California Berry Cultivars LLC, a company set up by two former Davis strawberry scientists, sued the University of California regents this week, saying they’ve been denied access to the fruits of their own labor – namely, a selection of plants they developed during their decades working at Davis...

(Their) departure already triggered one massive lawsuit, when the California Strawberry Commission accused the university of abandoning the strawberry-breeding program and letting the two men walk out the door with the priceless strawberry plants. That suit was settled in early 2015, when UC Davis hired a new strawberry breeder and reaffirmed its commitment to the industry...
 The (new) suit says the university has refused to release the plants “in an apparent attempt to suppress competition.”...

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