Thursday, May 12, 2016

State Audit Damage

Above is a screenshot of a news article* in which the recent announcement of UC funding for undocumented students is described. As is often the case with news on the web, some computer automatically inserts related articles. In this case, there is a juxtaposition of the state auditor's critical report of UC that claimed out-of-state students were displacing California residents with the info on the undocumented student program. The juxtaposition looks like something out of the Trump campaign. Blog readers will know that the legislature is considering mandating more Californians and fewer out-of-staters. Undoubtedly, articles on that subject will be similarly juxtaposed by computers with headlines about the auditor's report.

At the May 10th Regents meeting - which you can hear on the prior post - the political types on the Board urged UC not to be nasty to the state auditor in responding. That may be sound advice. But she has done a hell of a lot of damage.

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