Thursday, May 12, 2016

Sports Policy

Yours truly will eventually catch up with the Regents for May 11-12. (We did post the May 10th meeting.) In the meantime:

The University of California is set to adopt new guidelines for its athletic programs aimed at raising the academic achievement of student-athletes. The 14-point policy – which was approved Wednesday by a committee of UC’s governing board and will advance to the full Board of Regents for a vote on Thursday – institutes priority class registration, guarantees that scholarship athletes who sustain career-ending injuries continue to receive equivalent financial aid, and requires most campus athletic directors to report directly to the chancellor of their school.

A longer section on “guiding principles” emphasizes educational support and student welfare, including the NCAA rule limiting teams to 20 hours of practice per week. It also states that athletic directors and coaches should be evaluated on the academic performance of their teams and that coaches should have no role in the final admissions decisions for prospective students.

The regents, who will receive annual reports from UC’s Office of the President on implementation of the changes, largely praised the guidelines for affirming the university’s commitment to the academic success of its athletes...

Experts said it was commendable that UC crafted a formal written policy, which most colleges have not done, but that the practices were fairly standard and would likely have minimal impact.

“It’s an entertainment enterprise, and you’re trying to meld it with an academic enterprise,” said Mark Nagel, a professor of sport and entertainment management at the University of South Carolina. “The bottom line is always going to be two different philosophies.”...

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