Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Listen to the Regents Meeting of May 12, 2016

We've provided audio for May 10. Now we leap to May 12. (We'll get to May 11 when we can.)

The May 12th meeting began with public comments. Topics included defense of suspended UC-Davis Chancellor Katehi, the issue of hate crimes, and the regental governance system. Then the meeting turned to oversight of the Dept. of Energy labs, mainly a presentation of using "big data" computer analysis for medical research. Gov. Brown asked if there were any immediate or close-to-immediate results that could be described. It was unclear if he was satisfied with the answer.

Changes in the regental governance system - to be decided at the July meeting - were described and discussed. There will be fewer committees with more autonomy from the full board. Regents Pattiz and Pérez expressed concerns about centralized power.

At the May 10th meeting, Pérez had expressed concerns about student dining options at a new UC-Berkeley residence building. He requested that he receive more analysis for May 12. What he got, apparently, was a set of PowerPoint slides which he thought were not responsive. Student Regent Oved never got the slides and was also concerned. But at the end of the day - as always happens with capital projects, the building was approved. [Editor's note: The problem the Regents have with capital projects which are big bucks affairs is that they have no independent analysis capability. The proposed governance reshuffle - which combines Grounds and Buildings and Investments into a single committee - does not address this problem.]

Compensation was approved for the interim UCLA VC for Academic Personnel Michael Levine.

Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom - a candidate for governor to succeed Brown - voted against a pay package for a UCOP executive, as he tends to do.

Certain professional school fee increases were approved with one negative vote.

UC Prez Napolitano announced various awards and retirements.

You can hear the meeting at the link below:

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