Saturday, May 21, 2016

Listen to the Regents meeting of May 11, 2016

As promised, below is a link to the audio of the Regents meeting of May 11. This completes the audios of the May 10-12 meeting. We remind readers that the Regents version of "archiving" their meetings is to preserve the recordings only one year. To preserve them indefinitely requires real time recording, i.e., it takes one hour of recording time to preserve one hour of meeting time. We also note that other public entities preserve their recordings indefinitely and there is no excuse - absolutely none - for the Regents not to do so.

Here, for example, is the City of Santa Monica archive:

At the May 11 meeting, public comments covered professional school tuition and other tuition/fee concerns, mental health student services, faculty diversity, suspended UC-Davis Chancellor Katehi, the defined-contribution pension option, contract workers at UC, and fossil fuel divestment. UC Prez Napolitano made a brief reference to the Katehi case, denying an allegation made in public comments that the lawyer she hired to investigate that case had previously worked for her (Napolitano). She also announced funding for DREAM students and other student awards. At the Committee on Finance segment, tuition for two professional school masters programs was approved. Some concerns were raised as to why those two programs' tuitions were approved when the Regents are scheduled to take up the general issue of professional tuittion in July. A student representative called for terminating Katehi and complained about high executive pay. At the Committee on Educational Policy, a new policy regarding student athletes was approved that is supposed to  give more emphasis on academic performance. There was then discussion of student aid and diversity of the faculty.

Note: There were problems with the Regents' microphone system especially around minute 19.

You can hear the audio of this meeting at:

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