Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Listen to the Regents Meeting of May 10, 2016

The May 10th Regents meeting began with public comments. Various UC-Davis faculty members protested the suspension of Chancellor Katehi. There was then a review of plans for future audits of such areas as cyber-security, UCPath, sexual harassment policy, and security cameras on campuses. The main event, however, was UCOP and regental reaction to the state audit report which claimed that out-of-state students were displacing California students. Basically, the counter-arguments were those which have appeared in the news media and official statements revolving around the added revenue from out-of-staters and the resulting subsidy to in-state students in the context of state budget cuts. There was also discussion of affordable housing issues for students. In that context, there were projects presented at Grounds and Building involving planned student housing. One at Berkeley led to criticism by Regent Pérez that there were inadequate food facilities for students and that the first floor commercial restaurant (aimed at ordinary retail rather than students) needed to be rethought. The criticism led to a promise to come back on May 12 with some kind of response. The new UCLA Geffen Academy was described but no action item was involved. The new add-on building for Anderson was approved for planning money.

You can hear the meeting at the link below:

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