Saturday, December 19, 2015

Give a little; take a little

Rockefeller distributed small amounts, too.
A new payroll system that has given the University of California years of trouble just uncovered another problem: UC has routinely underpaid thousands of its employees by small dollar amounts on each paycheck.
In a Dec. 1 letter to the U.S. Department of Labor, the university asked for assistance in resolving what it deemed a “compliance issue.” While working to switch over to the new payroll system, a lawyer for the Board of Regents wrote, UC discovered that there have been regular issues in calculating extra pay, such as overtime. “The reasons for these failures are complex,” the letter stated, pointing to a variety of incompatible timekeeping methods across its 10 campuses. “We would like to reach a suitable resolution that would provide retroactive payments to affected employees.”

The extent of the issue is unclear. UC declined to specify a number of employees affected, but a “frequently asked questions” list on the university’s website said “less than 20% of UC’s workforce,” which could mean up to nearly 40,000 people. Spokeswoman Dianne Klein said the “vast majority” of cases were less than $5 per biweekly paycheck and more than half were less than $1. Some employees were also slightly overpaid, she added...

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Give a little; take a little:

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