Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Bruincard at the airport? Probably not

Yours truly has often wondered if a Bruincard (which is a government-issued photo ID) would pass muster at an airport, should a driver's license be lost. An article in the Sacramento Bee notes that many states are not in compliance with the federal RealID law with regard to their licenses.* It provides a link** to a Homeland Security website which, in turn, indicates that California is not in compliance and has an extension to comply until January 10, 2016 (which isn't all that far away!). In any case, my totally unauthoritative investigation suggests that a Bruincard won't do it for you. But it might supplement other ID if you find yourself at an airport without your license and have to convince someone to let you on a flight.
You might have trouble getting FROM the airport, but not because of a lack of ID. See below:
Recognize Howard Jarvis in the cab? (Google the name if you don't.)

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