Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Wondering what happened at Davis?

You probably have seen reports about recent offensive vandalism at UC-Davis. The stories were vague - including the LA Times report.* The UC-Davis chancellor was also vague in condemning the vandalism:

Chancellor's statement on hate crime

Dear UC Davis Community:

I am deeply troubled and disappointed that the campus community has experienced another incident that included damaged property and, even more grievously, offensive and disparaging slurs. This is conduct most unbecoming and completely against our Principles of Community. We condemn all hate crimes and will see that the responsible party or parties, once identified, are held accountable. 

Each of us has a responsibility to build and maintain a culture and climate based on mutual respect and caring. No matter what religious, political or personal beliefs we hold, as members of a university community we have an obligation to treat each other with respect and dignity.

I look forward to working closely with the UC Davis Police Department as they investigate this crime.

Linda P.B. Katehi


Now a local TV station has the actual story about the "disparaging slurs" and who they were aimed at. See below (typos and all):

Vandalism, Swastikas Left At UC Davis Campus Apartment Complex

Lemor Abrams
UC DAVIS (CBS13) — Swastikas and religious slurs carved into cars and tires being slashed are considered hate crimes at a UC Davis campus apartment complex.
Matthew Davidson snapped a picture of a large swastika carved into the hood of a car, keyed with “F— Jews.” It was one of 11 cars hit in the complex.
“It’s just shocking for me as a jew [sic] to see such hatefulness right outside my doorstep,” he said.
Wendy Hwon’s roommate’s tire was slashed, something she didn’t know until she got onto the freeway.
“It jeopardized her life,” she said. “She was on the freeway and her car in danger, and everyone in the car in danger.”
Campus police say a witness caught a vague description of the suspect, and won’t say it it’s linked to a swastika spraypainted on a Jewish fraternity down the street in February. No arrests have been made in either case.
Jordan Ranft says officers went door to door interviewing students, but for him the incident came out of left field.
“In Northern California it comes out of left field,” he said. “It would be less surprising if were [sic] like in east Europe or like the Middle East.”

Although at their last meeting, the Regents told UCOP to come up with a new antisemitism/intolerance resolution but gave no deadline, this event may speed the process.

*  (The story refers to past incidents in more detail but is as vague as the chancellor in reporting the recent incident.)

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