Thursday, October 8, 2015

Women faculty face bias at UCLA business school, study says

UCLA’s Anderson School of Management has a culture that hurts the hiring and promotion of women through both institutional and “unconscious bias,” according to a new report commissioned by the graduate business school. The Korn Ferry consulting firm’s report being released Thursday urges changes in recruitment, promotion and leadership styles at the school, which is led by a woman, Dean Judy Olian, but has only 18 women on the 82-person faculty. Among other things, the study calls for more forceful action by Olian for “gender equity.” Many highly-rated graduate business schools across the country are male-dominated both in student enrollment and faculty. At Anderson, complaints about such an environment have been simmering for a decade. An internal report in 2006 focused on why women faculty were leaving the school at a high rate and a 2013 study by the campus-wide faculty Senate found the business and management school “inhospitable to women.”The new report does not call for the removal of Olian, who has been dean since 2006. But it states that Anderson leaders “have not demonstrated the focused intention and proactive behavior required to increase diversity.”  And it said that “many faculty do not trust the dean and do not believe she is serious about gender equality.” Olian, in an interview, said she accepts the report’s recommendations and will work to implement them. “It’s somewhat painful. But it’s something we are all learning from,” she said, adding that she is going to “loudly and forcefully” lead efforts for change at the school.  She and a faculty committee commissioned the study...

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