Thursday, October 15, 2015

What you can get for $99

A better use of $99
Our advice - based in part on the quality of English in the email offer below received today - is that if you have an extra $99, it would be better spent on the drain offer. More seriously, there has been a proliferation of vanity press type online journals trying to appeal to academics: (The name of the "journal" and its contacts have been omitted.)

Greetings from Journal of XX

At the outset, we would like to appreciate your eminent contribution towards the new views and thoughts in the field of social sciences. We have been through your articles and we are enthralled to know about your reputation and commitment in your field..  Thus on behalf of the Journal, we request you to present your research as a case report/ research/ mini - full review article for our upcoming issue. We strongly believe that this potential research would be beneficial to the people working in this field.
We strongly support Open Access initiative and promise International Standards of publication following Robust Peer-Review through Editorial Tracking System. The accepted papers (after peer-review) will be published within 7-10 days. We would truly gratify and appreciate receiving your submission before October 28, 2015 Else you can submit it as per your convenience. As the submitted papers undergo a robust peer-review (which usually takes time), early submissions would be deeply appreciated. Kindly let us know your feasibility regarding submission.
We also want to highlight one thing if you submit articles within your time limit then special discounts will be provided as we are having scientific week within the specified dates and we want to spread scientific information as much as we can. Based on All Fields and Key words related to Social subject articles are Accepted. Publishing fee USD$ 99.

Why with us
•User Friendly/feasible website translation of your paper to world’s leading languages (if interested)
•21 Day rapid review process
•Publication within 7 days of acceptance
•Quality and quick editorial, review processing.

Key features
•Free PDF/Digital file of your published paper
•No restriction for use/distribution
•Create great looking digital files for distribution
•Sharing your published work in social networking like face book, twitter, LinkedIn, RSS feeds etc.
•Our comprehensive team helps you to distribute your published paper.

Please avail the maximum opportunities and send us your valuable manuscripts at your earliest convenience. You may submit your paper to [email address] (or) you can submit online through [web address]

We are waiting for your positive reply
Feel free to communicate with us for further queries

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