Friday, October 9, 2015

Legal Conflict?

Just when we have been mulling over what UC should and shouldn't do with regard to protection against sexual assault and harassment comes this court opinion:

A state appeals court says a woman who was attacked by a classmate at UCLA cannot hold the university responsible. A division of the 2nd District Court of Appeals ruled this week that a public university has no general obligation to protect its students from crimes committed by other students. The 2-1 ruling came in a negligence lawsuit filed against the University of California regents by Katherine Rosen. Her attorney says he'll appeal. Rosen was attacked with a kitchen knife in 2009 in a chemistry lab. Damon Thompson was found not guilty by reason of insanity...

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(Bette Billet alerted me to this story which also appeared in the Chronicle of Higher Ed:

Now I know legal types will differentiate an action by someone insane from an action by someone without such a defense and whether the university is responsible for one or the other. But still...

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