Monday, August 3, 2015

Suit and Countersuit

In an earlier posting,* we noted the lawsuit filed by UC-San Diego against USC for poaching a prominent faculty member who took a grant with him when he left. Now USC has countersued UC-San Diego: 

…USC filed the cross-complaint in San Diego Superior Court Friday, where UC San Diego had filed its original suit on July 2. The latest action indicates that the litigation, which began less than a month ago, is likely to go on for much longer. While UC San Diego has won significant victories so far, USC's countersuit reads like it is digging in. The two universities have given dramatically clashing accounts of the departure of Dr. Paul Aisen from UC San Diego for USC, and of the status of the Alzheimer's Disease Cooperative Study he had directed. The countersuit says UC San Diego illegally interfered with the Alzheimer's expert when he joined USC in June, and attempted to take control of the cooperative study with him. It says the university, Dr. William Mobley, and Dr. David Brenner, dean of UC San Diego School of Medicine, "set out to destroy Dr. Aisen's reputation in academia." …

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 Apparently, USC is saying that if you want to sue, suit yourself:

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