Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Does anyone else see a problem?

From the Daily Bruin:

Police arrested a former UCLA personal assistant Thursday for embezzling about $80,000 from a bank account she was assigned to monitor for over a year.

Casandra Carmen Jones, 51, was a hired as a doctor’s temporary personal assistant at the UCLA Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine in February 2014, where she was assigned to monitor a university bank account, said UCPD Detective Brian Washburn.

Police said she stole the money from April 2014 to February 2015. After she was moved to a different department, the new personal assistant that replaced her immediately found the discrepancies and told the doctor...

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A temporary personal assistant assigned to monitor bank accounts? There have been other such events over the years. It has always seemed to yours truly that the accounting rules are designed to prevent you from stealing less than $50. Much time is spent on scrutinizing de minimis amounts. $80,000 is more than $50, so no one notices.

You've got to watch your money:

Abbott & Costello - One Night In The Tropics... by Dunekoff

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