Saturday, February 28, 2015

You'll be shocked... learn that voters when polled don't like tuition increases at UC. But that shocker is the result of a recent USC Dornsife poll as reported by the LA Times.

Now there is something a big unseemly about a USC poll on UC tuition. How much does USC charge? But we can put that issue aside, can't we? 


...Among those surveyed, 57% favored the governor's approach, compared to 32% who favored increasing state funds or raising student tuition. Support for Brown's view was consistent across all political, racial and economic groups...


...In the poll, 53% of voters said they would be willing to have fewer slots for in-state students at the universities if that would help avoid a tuition hike for Californians, compared to 31% who favored a possible tuition increase to help maximize places for in-state students...

Seems like there is some contradiction between the 57% who favor Brown's proposal and the 53% who favor a proposal that isn't Brown's.  But you can find the article about the poll at

Polls definitely have the power to produce shocking and explosive findings!

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