Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Opposing Strategies

We have commented before on the opposing strategies of UC and CSU. While UC kicked up a fuss with state politicos because of its tuition plan, CSU quietly limited enrollment. UC has also kicked up a fuss because of its admission of out-of-state students. Now comes word that a CSU campus will limit enrollment of (California) students from outside its local area. [See below.] Somehow, what CSU does bothers nobody (except students rejected). No one seems to see. At UC on the other hand, we get a Committee of Two, legislative hearings, op eds, etc.

One of California’s largest public universities may tighten admission requirements, as Cal State Northridge proposed Monday reducing its enrollment by 1 percent. Stricter academic standards for nonlocal incoming freshmen, undergraduate transfer students and graduate students were put forth by the school. About 300 students per year would be turned away, a CSUN spokeswoman said. The increased burden would make test scores, transcripts and other admission criteria harder for students outside the school’s local service area, mostly the San Fernando Valley, and for local students seeking to major in popular subjects. Those subjects are Kinesiology, Music, Psychology and Cinema and Television Arts. The university president called the reduction “impaction.” ...

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Apparently, if you're invisible, you can do anything:

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