Monday, February 9, 2015

Does this settle the strawberry lawsuit forever?

We have from time to time posted about the strawberry lawsuit at UC-Davis. It seems to have been settled:

UC Davis and California strawberry growers settled their big lawsuit Monday over the future of the university’s strawberry-breeding program, with Davis announcing the hiring of a new lead plant breeder. The California Strawberry Commission had sued the university, claiming UC Davis was allowing the decades-old program to become “privatized.” The university denied the allegations...

The long-standing marriage [between growers and UC-Davis] the threatened to come unglued after two veteran breeders announced they were leaving UC Davis to form their own private company based in Southern California. The grower-supported Strawberry Commission sued the university, saying Davis was letting the breeders leave the university with critical trade secrets –technological know-how that had been developed in part with annual research payments from the commission...

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If not forever, at least the settlement should last for a long time:

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