Monday, April 28, 2014

Unclear on the concept or the location

UC prez Napolitano wrote an op ed in the Washington Post entitled "How to diversify a campus, in spite of the Supreme Court."  Based on the headline, one would think UC has found a way to have affirmative action results without the affirmative action that the Supremes increasingly dislike.  However, when you read the op ed it closes with the following statement:

...For nearly two decades, we have served as a laboratory of innovation for race-blind strategies to promote diversity on our campuses. We will continue these vital efforts. But as long as the university is prohibited from considering all of an applicant’s characteristics, we will be doing so with one arm tied tightly behind our backs.

So it says that in fact, you can't do what the headline suggests.

Full op ed at

Beyond that confusion, the op ed appearing in the Wash Post rather than a California venue (Sacramento Bee, LA Times, SF Chronicle, SJ Mercury-News, etc.) suggests the UC prez has an eye on future national endeavors.  That may be an inadvertent result and not what she intended to convey.  But the UC PR folks should know better.

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