Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Party Registration As We Head Towards June Primary

We are heading towards the primary election and the Secretary of State has released registration data for gubernatorial election years that can be seen above.  The major trends have been the growth of "no-party" voters and the decline of the GOP.  Note that the primary will be held under the relatively new "top-2" rules.  Last time around, the Dems were better than the GOP in figuring out how the top-2 system worked, i.e., you can't just appeal to your party's base in competitive districts, which is why the Dems for a time won enough swing districts to attain a supermajority 2/3 in the legislature.  We'll see what learning has occurred this time around.

The primary date is June 3 which is before the legislature is likely to have adopted a new state budget.  Possibly, the results of the primary could influence that budget if some political trend is discernible.

A list of candidates for the various offices is at

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