Saturday, April 26, 2014


We recently posted about a planned meeting between a Regent (Bonnie Reiss) and some UCLA students.  We weren't there but a Daily Bruin reporter acted as our fly on the wall.

It appears that much of what they talked about was the condition of the UC budget and, in particular, what might happen when the temporary Prop 30 revenues come to an end.  Excerpt:

A University of California regent highlighted funding as the main challenge facing the University in a meeting with UCLA students on Thursday.
UC Regent Bonnie Reiss met with about 15 members of the Undergraduate Students Association Council External Vice President’s office and representatives of various student groups to discuss issues faced by UCLA students. The meeting opened with a discussion of the goals of the UC Board of Regents, with a focus on the UC’s financial future. Reiss warned students that the funding provided to the UC by the passage of 2012′s Proposition 30 tax initiative, which prevented billions of dollars in budget cuts, will run out...

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It would have been nice if there could have been a recording or transcript of the whole event.  That way we could be our own fly on the wall:

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