Saturday, April 19, 2014

More Green

Talking of green - see the prior post - news accounts have been commenting on the increase in out-of-state students who pay full fare and thus add to campus budgets.  UC officials are at pains to say that no in-state students are being displaced which can only mean - and seems to mean - that total enrollment has been increased.  Of course, with enrollment up, there is a tendency for larger courses than would otherwise be offered or courses that fill up faster than would otherwise occur.  There has to be a cost or consequence somewhere.  Yours truly is not saying that given budget squeezes on UC, letting in more out-of-state students is a bad strategy.  But there has to be a down side to the decision for in-state students.

You can find various news accounts at the links below:

Actual admissions data are at:

There really is no mystery behind the attempt to get more green dollars:

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