Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Master Plan Called Obsolete (by U of P grad students)

Gov. Pat Brown signs Donahoe Act implementing the Master Plan in 1960
You may have seen news articles about a new study finding California's Master Plan of 1960 - a major accomplishment of then-Governor Pat Brown - to be out of date.  The report appears to be the work of a group of grad students from a seminar of the U of Pennsylvania and seems to be an assemblage of complaints about the Master Plan that have been made over the years by others including the complaint of Pat Brown's son and current Governor Jerry Brown that UC's budget allocation from the state is not linked to performance measures.

You can find the report itself at

An executive summary of the report is at

The LA Times' summary of the report is at,0,207077.story

Of course, the Master Plan is now 54 years old so some would say it has to be out of date (especially a team of grad students).  Others would say we should wait until it's 64 years old.

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