Thursday, April 24, 2014

Follow up on the $10 million settlement

Yesterday, we posted about a story concerning a whistleblower at UCLA who got a $10 million out-of-court settlement from the university as the trial was reaching its end.  We noted that no one shells out $10 million unless there is a fear that an eventual court decision might cost a lot more.  Moreover, it's hard to argue that this settlement was aimed at avoiding litigation costs since the case had gone to trial and so there had already been litigation costs.  In this case, the whistleblower was a UCLA doc who felt there were conflicts of interest among his colleagues.

KCRW's "Which Way LA?" had a program segment yesterday about this case.  You can hear it at:
beginning at minute 11.  (UCLA did not choose to participate, according to the broadcast's host.)

The Daily Bruin ran a separate story about the general issue - which has a reference to the $10 million settlement - at:

The official UCLA announcement is at

It does seem to pay to whistle while you work:

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