Monday, April 21, 2014


Yours truly was browsing through the LA Business Journal which had a listing of local advertising agencies and their clients.  Turns out that UCLA has an agency - Siltanen and Partners - whose webpage explains what it does for the university:  [excerpt]

...While UCLA is a well-known entity, a high level of branding was in order and this was new territory for the university.  Every penny had to count.  So we took a deep dive into the data to gain a better understanding of each target, what their media usage habits consisted of, where they got their news and how they went about making decisions. We formed a foundation of digital using behavioral targeting, and going after alumni and donors while also targeting prospective students and those who influence their decisions.  Next, we focused on several key objectives, the first of which was to help launch the re-opening of the newly remodeled, iconic Pauley Pavilion.  Then we targeted our efforts around fundraising, and lastly, a campaign in the late spring targeting those students who were already accepted to the university who were making that final decision as to which school they would attend. We did TV spots nationally and regionally in key UCLA football and basketball games, targeted regional outdoor, general market local broadcast TV and cable, and then worked on PR hitting them with press and live event coverage, streaming and social push video efforts in key markets. We also provided UCLA with other fitting opportunities that arose, such as an in-cinema campaign for the film “42” (the story of UCLA alumni Jackie Robinson), targeted print insertions in “Best Colleges” issues and even congratulatory ads for Nobel Prize winner and UCLA alumni Lloyd Shapley in The New York Times and Los Angeles Times. And per the university’s request, we even arranged for a bit of skywriting over the newly opened Pauley Pavilion.  Wait…what?  No, honestly, we really did.
• A record-breaking $512 million in donor gifts to UCLA
•Over 50 percent of total media investment in added value
• 155 percent website traffic lift


UCLA Health Systems apparently uses a separate agency - A Hundred Years - so-called because it claims to think ahead long term.  Its website doesn't say explicitly what it does for UCLA Health Systems.  But it does say:

...To us, what really matters is working with bold leaders and visionary organizations to tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges. We’re passionate about helping our clients uncover new perspectives, disrupt existing assumptions and tell their stories in a way that powerfully connects audiences to their core mission. We bring these stories to life by leveraging design and technology to create purpose-driven platforms, products and experiences that deliver tangible impact and meaningful results...


So now you know.

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