Monday, March 24, 2014

Updates on AFSCME hospital contract

We noted in our last post yesterday that UC had come to an agreement with AFSCME covering hospital workers.  A strike that was scheduled today was called off.  Yesterday, little was known about the tentative contract and there was nothing on the AFSCME 3299 website.  Now there is:

One thing to note is the one-tier pension plan, a deviation from the two-tier approach covering faculty and other employees.  (Other AFSCME settlements have also obtained one-tier.)


Chris Newfield said...

Dan- it's great to have you back on the beat, and I was sorry to hear about your health problem. You must be fully recovered to be able to stand all this UC news!

Can you confirm that I am right to believe that only Academic Senate and AFT-UC instructors have accepted two-tier pensions?

Chris Newfield said...

I've been corrected: senior management, faculty, lecturers, and non-rep'ed staff have two-tier pensions now, while unionized employees do not. I'd be interested to know whether there are any exceptions to this pattern.