Thursday, March 27, 2014

UCLA Angle on NLRB Ruling that College Athletes Can Unionize

You probably have read of a recent NLRB decision that college athletes (at Northwestern U) can unionized because they are de facto employees.

From the OC Register of Feb. 17:

The story of Ramogi Huma’s rise to the forefront of NCAA reform begins in 1995, with a few bags of groceries.
Ramogi Huma was a freshman linebacker at UCLA that fall, when $150 worth of groceries – left anonymously by an agent – earned All-American Donnie Edwards a one-game suspension from the NCAA, which alleged he’d received “an illegal benefit.” The decision enraged Huma, who said he lost 10 pounds over the course of the season without the means to pay for food past his three university-allotted meals.  During a team meeting before workouts that summer, Huma and his teammates were told that, if injured, they wouldn’t be covered under the university’s health insurance, since practices were voluntary...

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If you haven't read about the NLRB decision, here is the story from Inside Higher Ed:

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