Tuesday, March 25, 2014

UC Prez Interviewed on Various Topics

UC president Janet Napolitano was interviewed yesterday at the Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC).  Some highlights:

She characterized her role as similar to the CEO.  Chancellors run the individual campuses and presumably take care of the academic side.  She deals with Sacramento, general administration, labor relations, etc.

There was reference to a forthcoming food initiative.  This initiative was also referenced at last week’s Regents meeting but exactly what will be entailed is still not clear.

Online ad was characterized as a “tool” rather than a silver bullet.  Properly done online courses are not cheap to do because of the need to have students interact with faculty or support staff.

Pensions and retiree health were characterized as major budget challenges.

With the state and federal governments stepping back from support for higher ed, public-private partnerships will become more important.  Private fundraising was included as an example.  There should be a kind of menu given to the state: if you do X, UC can do Y on tuition.

Tuition will not change in 2014-15.

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