Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Limited Blogging Resumption

I stopped blogging on Valentines Day.  There was a cryptic message on the blog saying daily blogging would cease.  For those curious, I developed a heart valve problem on that day that required immediate open heart surgery.  The recovery period will go on for awhile, but blogging will resume, perhaps at a slower page than before for some period.


cloudminder said...

Welcome Back, missed your posts. It wasn't a cryptic message, I think it said something about 'back in the saddle'- but if folks worry that reads as cryptic, maybe...

Is it too rude to ask in this same message if you (or someone w/ ucla fac blog kind enough to help out) arranged audio recording of the uc regents meetings this week? they have been purging their video recordings from the previous year as their current policy states. Once again, Take It Easy and Welcome Back.

California Policy Issues said...

The audio of the Regents will eventually be posted. The audio has to be recorded in real time, i.e., an hour of meeting times takes an hour to record. So it will take some time to get it done. But we have been archiving the Regents for several years and our recordings remain available indefinitely, not for 1 year.