Saturday, March 22, 2014

And talking about tuition...

Our prior post on tuition brings to mind an article that appeared about a week ago in the Sacramento Bee:

The envelopes have begun arriving at the homes of high school seniors everywhere. The fat ones bring glee, relief, a giddy sense of achievement. The thin ones mean dejection and frequently, tears. At our house, the senior is waiting on 10 envelopes. Which college will open its arms and offer her a life-shaping, four-year embrace remains a mystery. But one thing is certain: None of the envelopes will come from the University of California...

UC fee increases have narrowed the tuition gap, and the generous merit and financial aid packages offered by many private colleges close that distance still further. If you don’t believe me, go online and check out the Net Price Calculator.  When you factor in the reality that graduating in four years is virtually mandatory at most privates – and definitely not a given at UC – it’s almost a wash. None of this is an indictment of the University of California, or a claim that one college path is superior to another. With its groundbreaking research and Nobel laureates, UC remains a powerhouse of higher education, and, as I noted, it’s sad the system held no allure for our daughters...

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