Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Berkeley admits to serious student-athlete flaws

From the San Francisco Chronicle: UC Berkeley officials, responding to recent reports of lax admissions standards and poor graduation rates among student athletes, admitted this week that the university has a serious problem that is at times exacerbated by the desire to succeed on the field. "At a point, the pressure to win caused us to put more focus on the athletic piece and, as a result, we saw less performance on the academic side," said Cal Athletic Director Sandy Barbour...

"We have an issue. No doubt," said Barbour.... "It's a serious one. And we have taken several measures to correct it. We're not done." The acknowledgment comes in the wake of NCAA data that showed Cal's football and men's basketball teams have the lowest graduation rates among 72 major-conference schools, 44 and 38 percent respectively...

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