Monday, September 9, 2013

Trouble Brewing

From the Daily Bruin:

Two first-year students recently chose not to participate in part of a sex education presentation offered at UCLA’s freshman orientation for religious reasons, prompting confusion about whether the presentation is mandatory.  Bella and Angelica Ayala, twin first-year biology students, said they wanted to be exempt from part of UCLA’s mandatory sex education presentation in late August because of moral objections to contraception.
New Student Orientation lasts three days and includes informational sessions on extracurricular activities, academics and class enrollment procedures at UCLA, as well as discussions about topics like sex and alcohol...
Angelica Ayala said she and her sister are Catholic and, according to the Catholic Church, sex is meant for married couples and procreation...

The university said in (a) statement that attendance is mandatory...
Note: Common sense, a sensitivity to the Constitution, and some adult supervision of whoever is running the orientation program, seem to be what is needed here.

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