Friday, February 22, 2013

Tobacco Tax Initiative for UC & CSU Student Aid Advances

Earlier posts on this blog in late December noted that an initiative had been filed to impose a tobacco tax with revenue largely earmarked for student aid at UC and CSU.  Unlike many initiatives filed by amateurs that go nowhere, this one was filed by a law firm noted for election work.  So there must be some serious funding behind it.  Whether there is enough serious money to fund a signature-gathering campaign is unclear.  In addition, a tobacco tax would attract well-funded opposition from tobacco firms.  (Remember that a  tobacco tax initiative for cancer research was narrowly defeated last June.)

In any event, the state attorney general has now assigned a title to the initiative.  You can find it at:

Our earlier posts on this initiative are at:

Meanwhile,  those who puff away or take a drag on a cigarette are a tax target:

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