Friday, June 22, 2012

The U-VA Story Ain't Over

The U of Virginia story just keeps rolling:

Nearly two weeks after Teresa A. Sullivan was forced to resign as president of the University of Virginia, a push to reinstate her appears to have traction. The Board of Visitors [equivalent of the Regents] announced Thursday that it would meet on Tuesday to "discuss possible changes in the terms of employment of the president." The announcement follows a statement Thursday from the college's deans, who voiced support for Ms. Sullivan's reappointment. The Faculty Senate has also endorsed her reinstatement…

The University of Virginia library staff is archiving materials related to the recent events that forced Teresa A. Sullivan to resign as president of the institution.  This is the first time the libraries have tried to preserve materials from a large-scale, continuing event, said Bradley Daigle, director of digital-curation services. The staff did not begin collecting materials on the subject until a rally on June 18. As of June 22, the team has archived nearly 20,000 tweets, 61 blog posts, over 200 media posts, and about 100 physical objects, such as signs from protests. About a dozen full-time staff members are working on the project, Mr. Daigle said. The archivists are focusing on preserving third-party materials, such as newspaper articles, because internal communication records already belong to the university, covered under existing record-management policies…

Apparently, it really ain’t over:

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