Sunday, December 18, 2011

Three Regents Meet with UCLA Students

The Daily Bruin online edition reported that last week Regent Chair Lansing met with several UCLA students:

UC regents hear student input at UCLA after recent midyear budget cuts
JILLIAN BECK, 12/17/11

Members of the UC Board of Regents met with undergraduate and graduate student leaders at UCLA Friday morning to discuss ways to work directly with students, days after another multi-million dollar cut in state funding was dealt to the UC.  The visit fulfilled a promise Regent Chair Sherry Lansing made at the Nov. 28 UC regents meeting. Lansing said she planned to travel to each of the UC campuses and hear student input on university decisions. She visited the campus Friday along with Regent Monica Lozano and Student Regent Alfredo Mireles Jr…

Fifteen students representing several groups attended the meeting, though none from Occupy UCLA, which had originally called for it to take place.  Lansing had initially offered three dates to Occupy UCLA protesters, all of which fell during winter break. Andrew Newton, a fourth-year international development studies student and an organizer of Occupy UCLA, said the timing did not accommodate student schedules. Members of Occupy UCLA opted out of the meeting in favor of holding one early winter quarter, when more students will be available.  …Lansing said she wanted to uphold her promise of visiting UCLA before the end of the calendar year. She and UCLA administrators have pledged that a second meeting will take place in January with members of Occupy UCLA. …

The meeting also coincided with this week’s announcement of a $100 million “trigger” cut to the UC. During the meeting, UCLA student leaders asked the regents to publicly support a tax increase proposed by Brown.
If passed, the proposal would institute a temporary tax increase on high-income earners and increase sales tax by about half a percent. The tax measure could generate about $7 billion in extra revenue for the state’s education and public safety programs.  Lansing said to student leaders that while she cannot speak for the entire board, she would be willing to take a public stance in favor of the proposed initiative…

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